16 April 2010

Motion Pictures

Two months ago, I began to hypothesize for a short film. I was assigned the task to create a work of art in response to a classical piece of music composed after 1800. Initially, I thought I would do some type of painting or drawing in response to Debussy or Beethoven. However, I couldn't seem to come up with any concepts I thought were risk-taking enough to really give this project the challenge it posed for me. So, I went to Barnes & Noble's music section and sat with Rachel Scott for about an hour. I discovered a group named the Kronos Quartet and I listened to their song entitled, La Muerte Chiquita. 
After much struggle, research, and inspiration-search, I came up with some storyboard sketches and a camera on loan from LCAD's tech room.
It took three shoots to develop enough footage to create my short film, and it took over 3 weeks editing the video in iMovie to compose a piece I was truly proud to call my first original short film.

This is it.